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  • Windows XP
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Processor: 2,8 GHz 3,5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB, 2 GB en Vista/7 2
Video: ATI Radeon X1000/GeForce 6 Series 128 MB ATI Radeon X1900 series / GeForce 7800 256 MB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c. DirectX 9.0c.
Others: Steam
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R.U.S.E. 28/06/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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War is all about strategy

R.U.S.E. has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English.

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"R.U.S.E is a great game for a low price."

R.U.S.E was an overall solid and underrated World War 2 strategy game that adds enough to be different and makes itself unique compared to the other strategy games out there. Added the games' low price, It is a great addition to any RTS\Strategy Gamer's library.

  • The variety of units for every country which made them feel differently, and supported different play styles
  • The 'Ruse's' To fool and distract enemy players
  • Every unit from infantry to tanks all have there purposes and if used correctly can defeat more stronger enemy units.
  • Multiplayer Battles that support 1v1 2v2 3v3 matches
  • The game isn't graphically demanding
  • Campaign was boring, and the story-line felt awkward.
  • Uplay (DRM)
  • The Japanese Faction is slightly buggy

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16 Nov 2015
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What do you think about R.U.S.E.?

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  1. A bizarre aversion of slapstick

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  3. 62 R.U.S.E.: War is all about strategy R.U.S.E.

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